So the new year is almost here! I hate when people make “resolutions” at this time of year, because they sometimes feel doomed to fail, so I’m going to call these 2013 “goals.”

1. Blog more! I’ve just started this and want to stick with it!

2. Get to know my neighborhood more. There are still places Casey & I have yet to try, so I am looking forward to exploring.

3. Ride my bike more. I have a gorgeous Public bike, and although Dallas isn’t quite “bike friendly,” I want to be able to go to some of my favorite spots.

4. Learn to bake everything. (seriously). My wonderful mom bought me a KitchenAid stand mixer and I want to make good use of it! Plus, there are a lot of recipes from A Beautiful Mess I want to try out.

Well, I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I look forward to cataloguing the memories I make this year!

Deep Ellum Casey Lee Photo


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