Super Yoga Time

Today I tried a yoga class for the first time (companion Traci/more experienced yogi in tow, and our friend Sarah came, too). There’s a really cool place in Deep Ellum called Super Yoga Palace that we went to – Thankfully it was a beginners class! Since we all work in PR (aka one of the most stressful professions on the planet), getting in some time to clear our heads and relax is a necessity.

yoga deep ellum texas

One great thing about Super Yoga Palace is that it is donation based. You donate what you can for the class, so if you’re trying to get into yoga it’s a great option. Plus, the people are so incredibly friendly! Our instructor was very encouraging, and you didn’t feel totally lame if you had to use blocks or couldn’t do a headstand. I could barely touch my toes!

yoga deep ellum texas

Look at how cool that mural is! In typical Deep Ellum fashion, this place is tucked back in some random warehouse. It would be very easy to miss if you didn’t spot the bright pink logo on the outside. If you don’t have a mat, they have them there to borrow. So there’s no excuse to not give yoga a try!

coffee deep ellum texas

Of course we had to finish the morning with a trip to Murray Street Coffee and chatter. What a productive Saturday morning! I think next week, I will try riding my bike to class if the weather’s nice!

Super Yoga Time

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