Everyday in Deep Ellum

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I last posted! I’ve been so busy living and adjusting to a new job that I have forgotten to write.

Below is my new desk – I finally brought in photos and of course something dachshund-ish!

downtown desk

I’ve been fortunate that I live so close that I can walk or ride my bike to work!


bicycle public

Casey and I have been adding to our home with new furniture. We love this rocker and the new pillow from Dowdy Studio!
Picture 35

We also went to the Sunday Peoples exhibit at The Public Trust as well as an alley cat race.

Picture 31


Picture 32


And of course, I’ve been spending my money at Gypsy Wagon… I obviously needed those rings!

Picture 36


There are a lot of cool things happening in Deep Ellum, so hopefully I will write again soon.

Everyday in Deep Ellum