Desk Organization

I’ll be completely honest. Typically my half of the desk Casey and I share is a complete mess. Partially because we’re still figuring out how to use the space in our loft.

But over the past year I’ve been able to clean up my act (well, at least a little bit). Here are some of my favorite things to keep me organized.

target binders

I LOVE binders. I just can’t help it. Lately, Target has had some pretty amazing options to choose from (check out those polka dots and stripes). I like to put clear sleeves in mine to file away important documents, notes and receipts. You can find some like it here.

rifle paper coHow bad a is this notepad?! I mean come on. Skull and cross-bones with a “do or die” mentality. Now that’s what I call a to-do list. Thank your Rifle Paper Co.

mason jarNext, let’s talk about pens. And pencils and chalkboard markers because I know you are the kind of person who wants it all. Let me tell you, you can have it all dear friend. I like to put mine in  mason jars because they come in a trillion sizes. Okay, like five – but still, there’s a mason jar for everything. Also, how depressing would your workspace be without a photo of your favorite person and a doodle from a BFF? All displayed adorably by this over sized chevron clothespin (I found mine for $1 at Michaels).

sticky notesFinally, I love having sticky notes in a variety of sizes. Working in PR, you find yourself flagging magazine articles a lot so I love having cute little ones in a variety of colors. I got the ones above as a gift and it’s great that they come in their own holder. Jonathan Adler has lots of other cute desk stuff, too.

Well I hope this helped you jump-start ideas for organizing your desk! BTW I’m having so much fun using the A Beautiful Mess photo app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you probably should.

Desk Organization

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