DIY Chalkboard

I’m pretty much in L-O-V-E with chalkboard paint. I’ve been slapping it on pretty much everything. I saw a really cute way to use it I never thought of before and thought I would try it out. It’s pretty much using a natural looking wood slice:

DIY Craft Chalkboard

This is a very (very) easy craft to make! All you need is a wood slice (these can be found at your local craft store in a variety of sizes) and some chalkboard paint. I chose the Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint in a pretty blue. I thought black might be too dark. It took a few coats (make sure to wait at least and hour between coats) and then let set for 24 hours to cure. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials to make your own chalkboard paint, so if there’s a particular color you love – that might be the best for you! I’m thinking about adding a hook from a picture hanging kit to the back and hanging it by our front door.


Or maybe if I’m feeling lazy I will just leave it leaning on the window! Either way it’s totally cute!

DIY Chalkboard

2 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboard

    1. jordanmrutledge says:

      Thanks Christina! I definitely will! I saw your comment about my dachshund – her BFF is actually a long haired chihuahua 🙂

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