This past year flew by. I graduated from college, began working full-time all the time, changed jobs and got married.

Although last year was amazing, I think 24 is going to be a good year. I finally have some time to slow down a little and enjoy things. Casey and I are about to embark on an (almost annual) Austin trip, and I couldn’t be more excited. This is my year. I can just feel it – it’s been pretty great already and it’s not even my birthday yet! I plan on spending lots of time with family and friends, stressing less and spending more time outdoors. Below are a few birthday fun posts so far:

Edible arrangement from Casey at work 🙂

Picture 45


Senoritas Guapas Dos Beauty Barring Picture 46

Cheers with Traci and Zaza!Picture 47



Good Things Happening

I am one of the few people in Dallas who can say they walk/bike to work nearly everyday. On weeks when I have to drive more (client meetings, tornado warnings, etc) I really feel like I  miss out on the great things going on in my neck of the woods.

Walking to work I get to see all the great things springing up in my neighborhood. I also get to soak in one of the few places in this city that has street art. Deep Ellum is really gaining traction and this place is totally revitalizing.

Pretty soon, we’re going to have a donut shop:

glazed donut works

And a ramen noodle place:

tanoshi ramen

I would honestly miss out on this so much if I didn’t go out and explore where I live. I often find myself wanting to move to somewhere like Austin or San Francisco, but keep reminding myself that there are great things going on around me. Places like that are awesome because people stay there and make them great! I’ve been focused on not comparing where I live to somewhere else and just enjoying all my city has to offer (comparison is the thief of joy after all).

Is there something cool happening in your neighborhood?

Good Things Happening

Candidly Nicole

Has anyone else been watching, I mean obsessing, over Candidly Nicole? I initially wasn’t a Nicole Richie fan, but I kind of feel like when she began to split away from Paris (toxic friendships – it happens to every girl) you noticed how cool and funny she was.

I actually stumbled upon this web series from an article on HelloGiggles. It really shines how witty she is in this (I mean everything you could ever need to know from how to get a tattoo removed to dressing like a drag queen).

Honestly, if you haven’t watched it I highly suggest you check it out. Disclaimer – I don’t have cable so I’m pretty easy to entertain.

candidly nicole

candidly nicole 2

What have you been watching lately?

Candidly Nicole

Easy No Slip Hangers

So, I love no slip hangers. I found decently priced knock off huggable hangers at Nordstrom Rack, but I thought it would be fun to make my own.

I have all these wire hangers from the dry cleaners and I thought it would be super wasteful to just throw them away. I’ve seen tutorials were they use multiple wire hangers, but I wanted to keep mine super thin and just kept it one. Also, side note, this is kind of a long project. Dependent on how fast you can wrap, it takes 40 minutes to an hour to make one. So, it’s a good project for TV watching!

Here’s how mine turned out:

Yarn Wrapped Hangers

I used a bright colored yarn and did it the way you do for friendship bracelets. Just tie a knot at the beginning and then make a number four and pull the yarn through. Keep repeating this until you’ve covered the entire hanger. I don’t recommend just wrapping it because when you hang clothes on it, it may unravel – eek!

These could be a unique house warming gift or gift for a recent grad moving into a dorm with limited closet space (these are super thin, so they save serious closet space).

Easy No Slip Hangers

Favorite Summer Hair Tutorials

Summer is upon us! The heat is about to hit scorching in Deep Ellum any day, so hairstyles that pull your hair back are essential. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Summer Hair Tutorials

This braided crown from A Beautiful Mess is my favorite. It seriously reminds me of growing up German folk dancing- love it!

hair tutorial

I really like this messy, braided pony from The Beauty Department (p.s. if you aren’t following them, you should!)


For summer nights when it’s not too hot, I really love this half up half down style with a braid (I’m noticing a pattern here…braids everywhere!) from Design Love Fest.

design love fest

And last but not least, I really want to try this DIY crisscross headband from Fine and Feathered.

criss cross headband diy

What’s your go-to summer hair style?

Favorite Summer Hair Tutorials

DIY Clothespins

I don’t know if I’m just super cheap or what, but I really like clothespins. They make perfect chip clips, you can stick a tack to the back and use it to hold hats, photos and so much more!

Below are just a few I’ve made recently. Jazzing them up is incredibly easy. For these I used decorative tape (I got four rolls for about $4 at Target) and paint. The tape you will have to trim down – but I found it was easiest after putting it on the clothespin. I think this could also be really fun with glitter for the holidays.

DIY Clothespins

DIY Clothespins

The Postal Service

Happy early birthday to MEEE! Casey got me Postal Service tickets for my birthday (even though they played at the beginning of the month and my birthday isn’t until the end of the month).

It was definitely and amazing experience. I also have a mad girl crush on Jenny Lewis – she is undeniably cool. Plus, I like to think of my girl scouts experience like Troop Beverly Hills.

Jenny Lewis

The Postal Service

Jenny Lewis

Jenny LewisBen Gibbard

The Postal Service