Good Things Happening

I am one of the few people in Dallas who can say they walk/bike to work nearly everyday. On weeks when I have to drive more (client meetings, tornado warnings, etc) I really feel like I  miss out on the great things going on in my neck of the woods.

Walking to work I get to see all the great things springing up in my neighborhood. I also get to soak in one of the few places in this city that has street art. Deep Ellum is really gaining traction and this place is totally revitalizing.

Pretty soon, we’re going to have a donut shop:

glazed donut works

And a ramen noodle place:

tanoshi ramen

I would honestly miss out on this so much if I didn’t go out and explore where I live. I often find myself wanting to move to somewhere like Austin or San Francisco, but keep reminding myself that there are great things going on around me. Places like that are awesome because people stay there and make them great! I’ve been focused on not comparing where I live to somewhere else and just enjoying all my city has to offer (comparison is the thief of joy after all).

Is there something cool happening in your neighborhood?

Good Things Happening

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