Summer Beauty Favorites

With the weather getting hotter sometimes you need to change up your beauty routine – since we can’t spend all day cooling off the at the pool. Sweat looks good on no one. Below are some of my favorites to keep you looking (and smelling) cute. beauty essentials

1. Bright nail polish 2. Light, dye-free lotion 3. Rosy bronzer 4. Refreshing scrub 5. Floral perfume 6. Waterproof eyeliner

Summer Beauty Favorites


Last week was my birthday and naturally I had to escape for a little. Casey and I went to Austin for a long weekend and it was a blast. We tried Airbnb for the first time – we stayed in an adorable casita in South Austin and it was amazing. Of course we hit up all our favorite places (Homeslice, Mellow Johnny’s, Jo’s, Torchy’s) and tried some new ones. We kicked off our stay with a truly religious experience, Franklin Barbecue. It was so rad and we made some new friends waiting in line for 3 hours.

We went to Barton Springs for the first time (nothing like cold water on a 106 degree Texas day)! We also tried Gordough’s gourmet donuts (serious NOMS) and went to a place called Bacon. Yes, that exists. Yes, Casey and I feel the need to detox from our trip. We both actually went to work out almost immediately after we got home.

Miss P's Fried Chicken

East Austin Street Art

Vegan Cupcake Austin

Capital City Bakery Austin

Austin Sushi

Bacon Austin

Barton Springs

Amy's Ice Cream

Fast Folks East Austin

Franklin Barbecue

Franklin BarbecueGordough's