Slight Obsession – Satomi Kawakita

I love, love, love dainty diamonds. Therefore, I really love Satomi Kawakita.

Her jewelry is amazing! If you’ve never seen it, check it out.


Look at all of those rings! Cute! The below is my current favorite/want. (Photos above and below from

favorite band

If you don’t already know, my wedding ring and band are from Satomi – purchased via Catbird. (Both have amazing customer service if you are ever looking to purchase). You can view my proposal story via Casey Lee here.

engagement ring

Her rings are incredibly stack-able (an important quality for me personally). We chose her rings with the intention of over time to build up a small, special stack to add to my existing wedding band and ring.

Slight Obsession – Satomi Kawakita

Favorite Pins of the Week

I’ve been having some serious home envy. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE our loft – but sometimes it’s hard being in a rented, small space.

So, I’ve been letting out my frustrations by pinning, and below are some of my current favorites.

colorful kitchen

I’m a little obsessed with the pop of color in this all white kitchen. (original pin)

bright dining space

I already have similar chairs, but I am in love with this set up. (original pin)

cute living room

These lofted ceilings are great! (original pin)

home storage

Old school locker bins are kind of an obsession of mine. (original pin)

Cute Dining

I love chalkboard walls. I also love bison skulls. (original pin)

I doubt this is the last time I will share my home cravings. I can’t wait until Casey and I have a permanent space we can make our own.

Favorite Pins of the Week