Gold Confetti Vase

ALL GOLD EVERYTHING! Or at least that’s how I have felt lately. I’ve had this plain jane vase sitting around for a while and luck would have it, I just bought new gold paint.

13 - 6


Martha is the queen of crafty. I’ve yet to be disappointed by her products.
13 - 2

13 - 5



Well there you have it. It’s a perfect addition moving into fall and Christmas time!
Gold Confetti Vase

A few of my favorite things

The other day I ran across this post on Lauren Conrad’s site. I actually felt good just reading it! I think it’s easy to miss out on all the small things that happen every day that make you happy. It reminds me of whenever Martha Stewart talks about “good things.” Think of all the little things in your life that are good and you will soon feel happy!

I was so inspired by this post that I created a list of my own to reflect on all the things I love, and I realized how often I’m exposed to these things.

Favorite Things

The above photo is courtesy of my husband, Casey Lee.

A few of my favorite things