Christmas Wrapping!

I love Christmas, and more importantly I L-O-V-E Christmas wrapping. I love seeing all the clever ways people make their gift packaging unique. I’ve pulled together a few that have caught my eye recently:

holiday wrapping

1. Pom poms are so in right now (in case you haven’t noticed). Why not make some to be a gift topper? Wrapping genius by Joy Cho.

2. I love little tiny packages – they are so cute. Especially when you add a ton of ribbon or accessories. I want a side of gift to go with my wrapping please – this one I found on Pinterest.

3. I kind of rock a lot of polka dots, so my Christmas presents should be no different. Plus and over sized tag? I’m in love. This one was also found on Pinterest.

4. Like I said before poms are IN. It’s official. Purchase your yarn now. This pom pom covered package was found at Mon Petit Violon.

There you have it. My currently favorites that will probably change by the time Christmas gets here.

Christmas Wrapping!

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