Hello 2014

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So I’m going to be pretty stereotypical and say 2013 was an insane year. There was a lot of personal growth and trying all the new things popping up in Deep Ellum.

For 2014 I am focused on trying more new things and stressing less. This past year I tried out a calligraphy class and loved it so much that I want to go back for the advanced class.

I want to spend more days at the park with my dog and friends (Lola and Zaza are quite the pair at Klyde Warren!) I want to push myself to do things I’ve always wanted to try (like learning the ukulele or picking Chinese back up).

I am determined that this year I will get our loft very organized and hopefully add some new furniture, too! I’m trying to eat more veggies this year and take in less sugar (as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really noticed how sugar makes me completely crash).

What are you hopes for the new year?

Hello 2014

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