It Status

A while back, my husband very nicely surprised me with a copy of It by Alexa Chung.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alexa Chung (photo lost with some old, sad blackberry) at SXSW many moons ago. She wanted me to sit on her lap insisting it was “fashion Christmas,” I graciously declined in fear of crushing her.

That’s beside the point. In the book she shares many of the women she think has “It” factor. I wanted to share a few of the women that I think exude that effortlessly cool style (that I may, or may not try to copy in every way possible).

Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) is the baddest b on the block. Her growing up in Dallas and talking about the beauty standards here only make me love her MORE.

Annie Clark Image via

There are many memories of me singing The Tide is High into a hairbrush in my room. Debbie Harry is one of the only people who could probably convince me to go blonde. She was ultra cool and not afraid to try new things – proof that confidence is all you need to rock that item in your closet you’ve been to afraid to wear.

Debbie HarryImage via

Zosia Mamet is the youngest lady on this list, and the closest to my own age. I see a lot of girls my age who aren’t comfortable playing around with style and who they are. and it’s a tragedy. You can see Zosia wearing boho style one day and something mature and chic the next. And guess what? She always looks great because she doesn’t give AF.

Zosia MametImage via

Lastly, one of my favorite girls with serious it factor is Carrie Brownstien. I love her sense of humor and I think that really radiates through her entire being. That and she’s another one I  awkwardly asked for a photo of at SXSW outside of Jo’s (in retrospect, I feel bad, girl just wanted some coffee).

Carrie BronstienImage via

The common thread is to not take yourself too seriously. And remember, style is about you. Not other people. If you love something, don’t worry if your grandma is going to think you look ridiculous.

alexachungGif via

Finally, I will leave you with the sketch that inspired me to even write this post. It’s okay Carrie, I accept you as a “cool dresser.”

It Status

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