Different names for the same thing

It’s no secret that Death Cab for Cutie is one of my hands down all time favorite bands. They rank on the same level as The Smiths or Brand New for me. Almost any time they are in town I will scoop up tickets.

That being said, the reason I love them so much goes beyond just them being good – and honestly after they became big from The O.C. they were almost unavoidable anyways. The album Plans will always mean something special to me. It came out my sophomore year of high school, and it was that winter my grandma died.

When my grandpa died, I definitely took it hard, but there was something about my grandma passing that felt so final. I knew it meant the house would need to be sold. I knew that was our last Christmas with her. My mind and heart flooded with memories of her driving us to school, road tripping to Wisconsin and baking together.

I took the maximum days off of school that I could, and I didn’t really leave the house for about two months after (when I met one of my now best friends). If someone wanted to hang out with me they had to come to my house while I watched Garden State on repeat.

The song What Sarah Said felt like it was written about my experience with my grandmother. She was in the ICU for a few days, and you could tell she was struggling. This song encapsulates so well the feelings and motions you go through in a situation like that.

I’ve been feeling really, really nostalgic lately and I guess that’s why all these feelings are coming out. Are there any songs or albums that just give you the feels?

Every plan is a tiny prayer to father time

Different names for the same thing

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