Make work less suck

I’m gonna be real. This is the first time I’ve been really happy in my job. Granted, every job has push and pull of good and bad. My first job out of college I loved because it was a small all-female office and we all got along really well. Like, so well that I still hang out with a lot of them and they went from work friend to real friend. Yet, we had little freedom, were constantly monitored and were paid really poorly. My next job was another all-female, small office. It was actually all the bad things of the first, but no one talked to each other. It was soul-crushing as an extrovert to be alone at my desk all day, the only silver lining being how much a I loved my client. After a year of breaking my back, I was told I didn’t do enough and moved on.

My first year at my current office was hard. Really hard. I gave it time, made friends, and I really feel good. (I hate saying comfortable because somehow that feels lazy). I’ve discovered ways to make work suck a little less…because little things can make a difference.

Make your desk somewhere you want to be

Might seem really obvious, but you spend a lot of time here. Invest in some artwork, plants, mugs, magazines, whatever that makes it feel more like home. I also highly recommend a lamp (especially if you work near creatives, I’ve noticed they tend to keep lights very dim).

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Take a walk

Sometimes all you can do is get the F out of dodge. Get away from your desk, grab some fresh air or maybe even a coffee. This has saved me on numerous occasions. Whenever I feel the tears or anger welling up, I let my feet hit the pavement and plug in some headphones. It’s a great reminder that your life is more than just your job. It also allows you to have your “moment” of whatever you are feeling so nothing gets suppressed and its easier to move on.

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Make friends

This might seem like the worst advice, and I suppose dependent on your field this might be bad advice, but really try to make some office buddies. I stress that you should still be really discerning with what you share with your coworkers. I’ve had a lot of “work friends” blossom into friends outside of the office. Plus, it makes the day way better when you have someone who will tell you if your outfit looks cute or to grab lunch with you on a  meh day.

What do you do take make sure the old 9-to-5 is empowering versus soul crushing?


Make work less suck

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