Adult Friendships

Okay. This is actually a really hard subject, and I think some people make it taboo to talk about making friends as an adult. I recently thought of this again because now there’s supposedly an app for finding friends (I personally just thought it was called instagram).

The first six months of last year were really, really hard in terms of friendship for me. I don’t think I ever felt so alone in my life. I had one of my closest friends pretty much go off the radar (and for good reason, she was in a season of life in which she needed to care for herself), one of my other close friends was still away at grad school, my other good friend had finally settled in a new state and my best work friend turned IRL friend moved back to the west coast.

To say I felt alone is an understatement. I cried every single day. As an adult there’s nothing forcing you to go out and meet people. I learned a lot about myself and how to make friends as an adult. 

Try new things. 

I got ClassPass, and it was a life changer. I slowly had something I could dedicate to myself. The endorphins of course helped and it was a release. I cried many times in half pigeon during hot yoga while Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” blasted. I’m actually now close to my instructor from that class. She often gave me just what I needed to hear.

I took a water color class, which a nice creative outlet. It was something new and I got to be around other creative people.

Attend a conference

Do something that forces you to meet new people. Blogger conferences, networking events, etc are all great. If you don’t know where to start check Levo or see if there’s a local instagram meet up.

Invest in long-lost friends

How many times do you run across Facebook or Insta and think “oh, I haven’t hung with her in a while. I miss her!” Just reach out! Grab coffee, or dinner. You don’t have to have a full on GNO to reconnect in a meaningful way. My mom always said “to have friends you have to be a friend.” To that point, this is also a great time to invest in family. They HAVE to love you (right?).

Have you recently struggled with adult friendships? How did you get through it?





Adult Friendships

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