Style Inspiration: Summer White

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Warmer weather to me always signals crisp and fresh outfits. Maybe growing up in Texas this feeling and mood comes earlier for me than most (I have to laugh when Orange County neighbors think 80 degrees is a heat wave). Wearing white can be a bold statement and sometimes tricky to get something that truly feels like “you.” There are some things I consider when going for this bright look.

Go all in on the color, but pop with accessories. Add a metallic or cherry red bag. Find sunglasses in a stunning color instead of a the typical tortoise or black. Spice things up with pattern shoes. The all white background will give these pieces a moment to shine.

Find points of interest or texture. Maybe its buttons. Maybe it’s a summer knit against white denim. Maybe it’s an open back or cutouts. Regardless, add some visual interest to your look by having some unexpected elements. It will ooze of cool.

But, don’t be afraid of classics. A light white button down can be styled so many ways. Maybe it’s a french tuck, or buttons done at the top versus the bottom. Maybe its worn and wrinkled and has a beautiful patina. Classic doesn’t have to mean boring if you don’t let it.

Style Inspiration: Summer White

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