Dainty, Dainty, Dainty

I really want to set the tone of this post and the title is said to the tune of sexy, sexy, sexy from ODB’s Baby I got your money.

Now that’s out of the way we can really focus on the actual point of this post: dainty jewelry. In the past few years I’ve really moved from large statement pieces (although I’m not above them in the right situation) to smaller, minimal jewelry.

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Below are some of the pieces I’m currently craving. My go-to shops are Catbird, Etsy and Moulton. Have you gotten any good pieces lately?

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Dainty, Dainty, Dainty

Blanket Weather

So (at least in Texas) we’re in weather where it could be warmish during the day, but chilly at night. Which means, having several stylish blankets around is ideal. They’re great for Netflix marathons and for the patio with your gal pals.

I got an amazing blanket when in Costa Rica and it got me searching for some more to keep the house stocked. I’m borderline obsessed with that white blanket from The Citizenry. What do you look for in a blanket?

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Blanket Weather

Etsy Faves

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. I flipping love Etsy. I love finding unique things and its perfect for gifts, home goods, etc.

I could probably write on and on and on about my prolific love, but I’d rather just show you what I’m currently crushing on (despite my wallet’s disapproval).

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I’ll admit, finding good stuff can take time and years of building up your favorites so Etsy knows what to reco for you. It’s worth it. I find such unique stuff and sometimes for a WAY better price.

What are your Etsy faves? Any tips on finding great shops?

Etsy Faves

Little Black Bags

I’m all for a good black bag. In fact- I think I’m in the market for a new one. I have bought two beautiful black bags in recent years. One Marc by Marc Jacobs black tote with a zipper top. It was the very first designer bag I ever bought, and it’s really lasted. Which has made me a convert to buying quality bags.

The other I don’t wear as much – it’s the notorious Marc Jacobs Stam. I don’t wear it often, especially as it is discontinued. I do really love it as a bag, the leather is gorgeous, the gold chain is uber cool.

I’ve rounded up a few ideas for a new black bag. Whatcha think?

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Little Black Bags

Dainty Jewelry Love: Moulton

So I’m all about this whole dainty jewelry trend. Jumping on the wagon and I’m not looking back.

Anyways at TxSC I found out about Moulton. The clouds lifted and the the angels started singing. This jewelry is so beautiful and so simple. Also being from Austin is a huge plus in my book!

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.46.44 AM

How can you not fall in love?! You can wear this with everything. Image above via Moulton Instagram

Moulton earrings

I’m obsessing over these tiny earrings.

earring moulton

When I’m not dreaming of those bar earrings, the ones above are on my mind.





Dainty Jewelry Love: Moulton

My own little corner

Spring is that season where we all go on Pinterest and watch HGTV and think: “Yes I CAN!”

I’m sure I’ll come crashing down from this high in a month, but until then I’m really loving these tribal, boho home trends. (Again, can I just pick up and move to Marfa?). Now sneaking this stuff into the apartment without Casey noticing is a completely different story (commence covert operations).

Two cute beds? Yes please. I call an instant sleepover.

Boho Home 1

Look at me writing my memoir in this nook. (Use your imaginations people, I mean c’mon!)

Boho home 2


If your home is going to have southwest vibes a hat rack is a must (DIY is just a plus) for your wide brimmed hats.

boho home 3


If all else fails, just surround yourself with cacti. There was a time when almost every week I came home with a new succulent. Just remember less is more…even if your latte induced mind says otherwise.

boho home 4

My own little corner

Etsy: Spring 2015 Edition

I have an Etsy addiction. And to be honest, I have no intention of slowing down any time soon (you can’t judge me).

When you are addicted to Etsy you get really used to forgetting what you ordered because it came from China or Spain or Antarctica or something and arrives a month and half later. It’s like Christmas every damn day.

How rad is this canvas tote? Like for reals. All my farmers market finds can go in it. You know, when I actually go to the farmers market.

Canvas tote

I am a working adult woman and this leather lunch sack is perfect to hold my greek yogurt and luna bars (sorry I’m not sorry for how basic that sounds).

lunch bag

Cacti and succulents are the only plants I’ve never killed. So I have a strange affinity for them and want them included in every portion of my life. This cacti necklace is everything I could dream for and is perfect to wear to in Marfa.

cacti necklace


Etsy: Spring 2015 Edition