Flower Crowns

In case I hadn’t mentioned, one of my besties is getting married this year. So me and the other women in her life are busy pinning away to help give her ideas for the wedding.

One trend we’re loving are bridal flower crowns. This trend was just starting to get momentum right after my wedding (so unfortunate), so I’m living vicariously and just keep throwing them on her board. Do you love these, too?

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Flower Crowns

My own little corner

Spring is that season where we all go on Pinterest and watch HGTV and think: “Yes I CAN!”

I’m sure I’ll come crashing down from this high in a month, but until then I’m really loving these tribal, boho home trends. (Again, can I just pick up and move to Marfa?). Now sneaking this stuff into the apartment without Casey noticing is a completely different story (commence covert operations).

Two cute beds? Yes please. I call an instant sleepover.

Boho Home 1

Look at me writing my memoir in this nook. (Use your imaginations people, I mean c’mon!)

Boho home 2


If your home is going to have southwest vibes a hat rack is a must (DIY is just a plus) for your wide brimmed hats.

boho home 3


If all else fails, just surround yourself with cacti. There was a time when almost every week I came home with a new succulent. Just remember less is more…even if your latte induced mind says otherwise.

boho home 4

My own little corner

Everlane |Champions of Red Wine

Let’s talk for five seconds about basics. Not basics, but basic clothing you can wear with everything.

I STRUGGLE with finding quality t-shirts that look good on my body that don’t cost $100. Sorry, I work in marketing, I’m not exactly raking in the dough.


I was skeptical at first. I mean. Look how cool that girl looks? Like maybe I’m not seeing the shirt but her I-attend-ultra-hip-indie-bands-on-the-weekends vibe.


After I ordered my first, I ordered 3 more. (I swear I’m not addicted….)

This tee is so like I brunch with Alexa Chung. Sing it: I believe I can brunch. 

And she’s still like I can rock a middle part and a side part. I want to know what sea salt spray she uses. Or maybe she wakes up that cool? I don’t FREAKING know okay. Jeez.

And because I can’t quench my thirst for Neko Case – here’s some New Pornographers.


Everlane |Champions of Red Wine