Adult Friendships

Okay. This is actually a really hard subject, and I think some people make it taboo to talk about making friends as an adult. I recently thought of this again because now there’s supposedly an app for finding friends (I personally just thought it was called instagram).

The first six months of last year were really, really hard in terms of friendship for me. I don’t think I ever felt so alone in my life. I had one of my closest friends pretty much go off the radar (and for good reason, she was in a season of life in which she needed to care for herself), one of my other close friends was still away at grad school, my other good friend had finally settled in a new state and my best work friend turned IRL friend moved back to the west coast.

To say I felt alone is an understatement. I cried every single day. As an adult there’s nothing forcing you to go out and meet people. I learned a lot about myself and how to make friends as an adult. 

Try new things. 

I got ClassPass, and it was a life changer. I slowly had something I could dedicate to myself. The endorphins of course helped and it was a release. I cried many times in half pigeon during hot yoga while Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” blasted. I’m actually now close to my instructor from that class. She often gave me just what I needed to hear.

I took a water color class, which a nice creative outlet. It was something new and I got to be around other creative people.

Attend a conference

Do something that forces you to meet new people. Blogger conferences, networking events, etc are all great. If you don’t know where to start check Levo or see if there’s a local instagram meet up.

Invest in long-lost friends

How many times do you run across Facebook or Insta and think “oh, I haven’t hung with her in a while. I miss her!” Just reach out! Grab coffee, or dinner. You don’t have to have a full on GNO to reconnect in a meaningful way. My mom always said “to have friends you have to be a friend.” To that point, this is also a great time to invest in family. They HAVE to love you (right?).

Have you recently struggled with adult friendships? How did you get through it?





Adult Friendships

Let’s talk about flares baby

I know fashion runs on a cycle. I’m fully, fully aware. But it feels like decades since I put on a pair of flare jeans and felt “cool.” I can even pinpoint when I went from a flare and bootcut gal to skinny jeans (it was the tenth grade), it was also a time in our culture when guys were purposely buying girls’ jeans (or in my case stealing mine). At first when I heard flares were on the rise again I thought no way.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite flares out in the universe. Have you gotten a pair recently?

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Let’s talk about flares baby

Ode to the half top knot

For a long time, I was all about the top knot. So it’s no surprise I’m really into the half top knot thing going on. It works on so many different lengths of hair and looks casual, yet done.

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Although this look is more casual, I highly recommend your hair being clean (or at least washed the night before). Dry shampoo is always helpful.

I also recommend not relying on elastics, but using bobby pins. I think this is an “to each their own” situation, but after talking to a few girls at work, this is our preferred method.

Would you try this trend?


Ode to the half top knot

Make work less suck

I’m gonna be real. This is the first time I’ve been really happy in my job. Granted, every job has push and pull of good and bad. My first job out of college I loved because it was a small all-female office and we all got along really well. Like, so well that I still hang out with a lot of them and they went from work friend to real friend. Yet, we had little freedom, were constantly monitored and were paid really poorly. My next job was another all-female, small office. It was actually all the bad things of the first, but no one talked to each other. It was soul-crushing as an extrovert to be alone at my desk all day, the only silver lining being how much a I loved my client. After a year of breaking my back, I was told I didn’t do enough and moved on.

My first year at my current office was hard. Really hard. I gave it time, made friends, and I really feel good. (I hate saying comfortable because somehow that feels lazy). I’ve discovered ways to make work suck a little less…because little things can make a difference.

Make your desk somewhere you want to be

Might seem really obvious, but you spend a lot of time here. Invest in some artwork, plants, mugs, magazines, whatever that makes it feel more like home. I also highly recommend a lamp (especially if you work near creatives, I’ve noticed they tend to keep lights very dim).

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Take a walk

Sometimes all you can do is get the F out of dodge. Get away from your desk, grab some fresh air or maybe even a coffee. This has saved me on numerous occasions. Whenever I feel the tears or anger welling up, I let my feet hit the pavement and plug in some headphones. It’s a great reminder that your life is more than just your job. It also allows you to have your “moment” of whatever you are feeling so nothing gets suppressed and its easier to move on.

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Make friends

This might seem like the worst advice, and I suppose dependent on your field this might be bad advice, but really try to make some office buddies. I stress that you should still be really discerning with what you share with your coworkers. I’ve had a lot of “work friends” blossom into friends outside of the office. Plus, it makes the day way better when you have someone who will tell you if your outfit looks cute or to grab lunch with you on a  meh day.

What do you do take make sure the old 9-to-5 is empowering versus soul crushing?


Make work less suck

Little Black Bags

I’m all for a good black bag. In fact- I think I’m in the market for a new one. I have bought two beautiful black bags in recent years. One Marc by Marc Jacobs black tote with a zipper top. It was the very first designer bag I ever bought, and it’s really lasted. Which has made me a convert to buying quality bags.

The other I don’t wear as much – it’s the notorious Marc Jacobs Stam. I don’t wear it often, especially as it is discontinued. I do really love it as a bag, the leather is gorgeous, the gold chain is uber cool.

I’ve rounded up a few ideas for a new black bag. Whatcha think?

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Little Black Bags

Hair Inspo

So my hair has slowly been getting shorter – and I’m currently debating going even shorter for a full-on lob. (If you don’t know what that is, here’s some education).

Also, I’ve been really wanting to add more grey/blond to my dark hair. If you happen to live in Dallas, I highly recommend Jules at Visible Changes and Teri at Floyd’s in Uptown. I have really fine, straight hair. Most stylists don’t know what to do with it but those ladies are AMAZING.

What do you want to change with your hair?

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Hair Inspo

Favorite Dallas Nail Salons

Anyone who knows me, KNOWS I take great pride in getting my nails done. I was a nail biter for years (21 to be precise), and this was the way I could keep myself from biting.

That being said, I have a few go-to spots for getting your digits shined in the big D.


This Boston staple now has two locations in the metroplex. I love it because it is UBER sanitary. As a generally high strung person, I will pay a bit more for peace of mind. Granted, this is one of the more expensive nail salons (expect them to charge you for gel removal and nail art is typically per nail)

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.49.09 AM


Bellacures still has a high-end feel (super clean, super modern) but is a bit more laid back feeling than MiniLuxe. I especially love that they have cushy microfiber chairs and the owner is very nice!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.49.54 AM


This is the least assuming of the list, and most affordable. While it is still extremely clean (are you noticing a trend here?) it is a little more dated/less high-end spa feeling. That being said, its actually my favorite place on this list. Why? Because of Teddy. He is amazing and my go-to for gel nail art in Dallas (when I can’t get to my favorite nail art haven in Austin, Sugarcoat).

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.49.22 AM

Do you have a favorite nail salon? What do you look for in one?


Favorite Dallas Nail Salons