La La Land

I’m gonna be real. When I first visited Los Angeles I hated it. I mean really, really hated it. I don’t like the beach already (like I can handle it in small doses) and my husband loves the beach. So we spent more than half our time there.

Slowly, I’ve come to enjoy parts of LA. Mostly due to the fact of making friends with co-workers in the west coast office. I go there a few times of year for work but recently Casey and I went on a trip there for fun and to support our friends in The Ghost Inside.

Here’s a little bit about our trip!

We AirBnB‘ed it. I’m such a fan. We almost always use it when we travel for fun. We got a killer deal on a cute bungalow in Venice. It had an adorable lemon and orange tree in the backyard!

Some of my favorite things from the trip were:

Rose Cafe – Venice // OMG. That french toast was amazing. Like so fluffy, so thick. So happy a friend recommended it. I went with some gal pals while Casey explored the beach and then promptly made me take him the next morning!

The Milk Shop – Silver Lake // I think there’s also one in Culver City, but we were meeting friends who live in Los Feliz and this just made sense. It was so delicious. That macaron ice cream sandwich was absolutely unbelievable!

Yolk – Silver Lake // Silver Lake is slowly becoming my favorite LA neighborhood and this cute little home store is across the street from Milk. Casey bought me a candle and a really cute blanket!

All the succulents! EVERYWHERE! They grow so large in Southern California! I wish I could have taken all of them home with me.

I will say (said in quiet whisper voice) I’m not too wild about Santa Monica. It’s really touristy and I understand sometimes you just absolutely go an experience something. There’s so much to see and do in LA and I just feel like it’s nothing special. But hey, that’s just me!

Have you visited the LA area? What are your go-to spots?


La La Land