My own little corner

Spring is that season where we all go on Pinterest and watch HGTV and think: “Yes I CAN!”

I’m sure I’ll come crashing down from this high in a month, but until then I’m really loving these tribal, boho home trends. (Again, can I just pick up and move to Marfa?). Now sneaking this stuff into the apartment without Casey noticing is a completely different story (commence covert operations).

Two cute beds? Yes please. I call an instant sleepover.

Boho Home 1

Look at me writing my memoir in this nook. (Use your imaginations people, I mean c’mon!)

Boho home 2


If your home is going to have southwest vibes a hat rack is a must (DIY is just a plus) for your wide brimmed hats.

boho home 3


If all else fails, just surround yourself with cacti. There was a time when almost every week I came home with a new succulent. Just remember less is more…even if your latte induced mind says otherwise.

boho home 4

My own little corner