Donuts in Deep Ellum

When Casey and I moved to Deep Ellum, I said there needed to be a donut shop. Well, a few weeks ago my dreams came true and Glazed Donut Works opened its doors.

Not only did we get a donut shop, but Glazed is deeply committed to quality. Granted, they tend to sell out because the donuts are so good plus the shop is cute to boot. If you haven’t been, you need to go. Like now.

glazed bike

I was lucky enough to sample a donut before opening day!

glazed deep ellum

Glazed was open just in time to treat Casey to a very sugary birthday breakfast.

glazed donut works

I waited in this line on the official grand opening day- how cute is that chalkboard! They converted an old photo studio and the look fits in perfectly with our neighborhood.

Welcome to Deep Ellum, Glazed Donut Works! I will definitely be seeing you often!

Donuts in Deep Ellum