Favorite Things – Summer Essentials

So it’s about to be summer in Texas. Which means it’s about to be a million degrees out. Now I’ve grown up here, but I spent my summers from about age 5 until age 12 basking in the cool mountain summers of Brevard, NC. Basically, it was a summer full of paranoia of bear attacks and hippie camps.

Anyways, I’ve compiled some of my favorite hot weather items – so you can cue the Ataris cover of “Boys of Summer” in style.

Women's Summer Fashion

1. A a great pair of sunglasses. I like to choose super cheap ones because I have a bad habit of breaking or losing them. 2. Tank tops are essential. While some would say shorts or a dress I wouldn’t necessarily agree. There’s a certain point of heat Texas reaches when those items might be more uncomfortable. Plus you can usually wear tanks to the office (add a blazer or sweater). 3. I love hats. I just do. They keep the sun out of your face and protect your hair. 4. Sandals of all kinds are essential. I’m loving the pair above – it would go great with everything and can transition from day to night.

While you can’t change the temperature outside, you can at least look cute and not as sweaty. How do you stay cool in the summer heat?

Favorite Things – Summer Essentials